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Módosítás: 2024-01-30

Karoli Mundus


ssz. Cím év/évfolyam füzetszám
1. Karoli Mundus 2021, I. 1.
Public Law
Tóth, J. Zoltán
The principles of the rule of law and democracy: Mutually exclusive or mutually reinforcing categories?
Domokos, Andrea
The Role of the Constitutional Court in the Formulation of Criminal Law under Rule of Law
Czine, Ágnes
The Right to Trial within a Reasonable Time
Osztovits, András
Online Justice – Opportunity or Risk?
Köbel, Szilvia
The Code of the Serving Church - The Impact of the Socialist State on the Constitution and Internal Laws of the Reformed Church in Hungary
Csáki-Hatalovics, Gyula Balázs – Varga, Ferenc – Molnár, Péter – Loebs, Patrick
Anomalies in the Functioning of Local Authorities in Hungary Following the Change of Regime, with Particular Regard to the Functioning of Democratic Institutions and the Expansion of e-Government
Pókecz Kovács, Attila
The Role of the School of Public Service (l’École de Bordeaux) in the French Administrative Law of the 20th Century
International Law and EU Law 
Fazakas, Zoltán
Foreign Policy and International Relations of the Principality of Transylvania
Manzinger, Krisztián
Nation-stateness Carved in the Constitution – The Question of Székely Land’s Territorial Autonomy
Törő, Csaba
The Aims and Means of Hungarian Foreign Policy in Support of EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans – A Brief Overview of Current Practice
Tóth, András
Competition Law as Market Regulation in the Example of EU Energy Markets
Kecskés, András – Halász, Vendel
The Most Important Changes in the European Regulation of IPO Prospectuses
Muzsalyi, Róbert – Csőke, Andrea – Nastasie, Nicoleta Mirela
The Undertaking as an Alternative to Secondary Insolvency Proceeding in Romania and in Hungary – A comparative analysis
Boóc, Ádám
A Sailor’s Knot or a Life Belt? Comments on the Prague Rules (Rules on the Efficient Conduct of Proceedings in International Arbitration)
Civil Law
Jakab, Éva
Roman Law in the Provinces: A Case Study
Arató, Balázs
The Legal Institutions of Asset Preservation and Asset Transfer in Hungary
Molnár, István János
Distribution Contracts in Hungarian law – The Recognition of an Important Vehicle of Trade Relationships by the Civil Code
Kun, Attila
Some Tentative Explanations for the Protracted Development of Platform Work (As a Transnational Phenomenon) in Hungary
Law of Economics
Gosztonyi, Márton
The Moral and Solidarity Economy during the Pandemic in Hungary
Birher, Nándor Máté – Alpár, Vera Noémi – Knoll-Csete, Edit – Sőréné Batka, Eszter
Human solidarity – the ultimate victory of good-will, understanding, knowledge and peace
Udvary, Sándor
Economic Analysis of Several Issues Related to the Enforcement of Civil Judgments in Hungary


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